Dr. Sebaa Co — Herbal skincare for women’s wellbeing.

Dr. Sebaa Co

Dr. Sebaa's Skin is a skincare brand with the mission to provide formulations that merge herbal merdications and modern science. It aims to resurface effective traditional and ancient healing practices for modern times. We were tasked with creating lead generation booklets that focus on day-time and night-time skincare routines.




San Diego, US

Project Goal.

To utilise existing illustrations and craft a compelling narrative that highlights Dr. Sebaa Skin's brand identity, philosophy, and commitment to ancient healing practices.

What we did.

Editorial Design


To merge existing illustrations with new content to create a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Our Apporach.

The design elements and color schemes were carefully chosen to reflect the differences between day and night skincare routines. By merging the existing illustrations with a compelling narrative, we effectively ensured a cohesive brand experience across all distribution channels.


Lead generated on the website.

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Excellent communication, efficient, and beautiful work.

Aïcha Sebaa

Founder & Nutritionist at Dr. Sebaa Co

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