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Product Management, Strategic Planning

The Ask

ChatDaddy is an WhatsApp automation platform founded in Hong Kong, with teammates from over 8 countries. As a medium-sized startup, it had an unstructured product workflow. There was lack of communication between the management and development team, and a slow process to deliver product features align with the business strategies. The CEO reached out for business strategic planning, hoping to improve the team dynamic and create a seamless product flow in collaboration with other team.

The Process

We first had a series of meetings with the management team to understand their long-term vision for ChatDaddy. Then, we hosted a team retro and an agile team health check to understand the issues encountered by the team and their expectations.

After understanding both perspectives, we created a new team structure, separating the development team into Platform Health and Innovation team for different purposes. To ensure a standardised workflow, we created a product roadmap, new structure of separated Kanban boards with templates for different type of tasks, and a team documentation as a guide and communication between other teams and the product team. We also created several Slack channels for different purposes, encouraging the communication and discussion between teammates.

We’ve in-housed for six months with the product daily operations, and continue to act as a strategic consultant till now.

The Deliverables

  • Improved internal workflow with strategic planning and implemented agile working style
  • Improved customer-facing flow with product implementations (e.g. onboarding flow, UI improvements)
  • Created a long-term product roadmap and thorough budget planning for each team
  • Created a standardised design system with new UI/UX design for the platform
  • Redesigned a dynamic website with tech setup

The Outcome

  • Less bug reports from customer support team to the development team
  • Faster implementation for both designers and developers with a smoother workflow

Our Testimonials

Feedback from client after the completion of this case:

Kenny Lim

Founder & CEO of ChatDaddy | California, United States

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