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About ideation.AI

ideation.AI creates smart solutions for the everyday challenges faced in healthcare. We are passionate about improving the medical sector for both our colleagues and our patients.

The Ask

The CEO of ideation.AI reached out to us for website creation and UI/UX design of their platform that are currently testing in London's top 50 hospitals. The platform is a completely new concept that is changing how hospital operations work. Therefore, the CEO would like to communicate this idea in a simple and straight-forward way for doctors, nurses, clinicians, and more. On the other hand, they would like to emphasise their value of quality and data security.

The Process

Throughout the project, we work closely with the CEO, product manager, design and the development team. Different from usual UI/UX design, we have to bear in mind that the computer resources in NHS hospitals are not the most advanced - so we have to ensure the users are able to manage patients in low resolution computers. We found that the team has no previous UI/UX experience, and we led the role to communicate about the importance of accessibility, color contrast, and design system.

For the website, we created a compliance page with all of their certifications, which allows visitors to easily verify the certifications online.

We’ve in-housed for six months with the design daily operations, and continue to act as a UX designer till now.

The Outcome

  • Created a standardised design system for faster implementation in design and development
  • Created an industry-leading digital journal between hospitals and patients
  • Created an industry-leading application for patients' family members to communicate with the patient
  • Created an industry-leading task management system in medical setting
  • Redesigned a dynamic website with tech setup
  • Created pitch deck and supporting materials for fundraising and investor meeting

Our Testimonials

Feedback from client after the completion of this case:

Nicole is a highly intelligent designer who can be relied on to do a great job. Will work with her again in the future!

Marius Terblanche

Founder & CEO of ideation.AI | London, United Kingdom

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