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About KCY

Kcymaerxthaere is a global art project with over 143.5 sites in 30 nations. The team is made of a group of visual artists, new media artists, animators and muralists.

The Ask

Kcymaerxthaere reached out to us to design the art installation book which documents all their installations in different languages. We’ve been asked to complete the layout for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Nepali, Hindi, and Kannada.

The Process

Throughout the project, we work closely with the creator and project manager of Kcymaerxthaere to communicate about the requirements for each edition. For each language, we collaborate with native translators and proofreaders.

The challenging part about this project is the extensive detail it required for the layout and content. We have to ensure all editions in different languages have a consistent layout, while placing specific elements that are limited to the edition only. In particular, Indic languages and Arabic work differently compared to other languages, a good localisation skill with InDesign is therefore needed to complete the project successfully. On the other hand, we have to ensure all the glyphs are not missing which usually happens when transferring from Microsoft Word to InDesign.

The Outcome

Creation of a printed book template with 500+ pages for 20+ languages, customised the layout for 9+ languages. Featured on BBC and TEDx Talk.

Our Testimonials

Feedback from client after the completion of this case:

Nicole is an outstanding designer who also possesses the eye of a fine proofreader and the communication skills of a Roman orator. She is dazzlingly fast, meticulous, cheerful, creative, and extremely smart. Her linguistic skills made her an invaluable asset on a project happening in over twenty languages. Highest possible marks.

Sam Gilbert

Project Manager of Kcymaerxthaere | California, United States

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