Hong Kong Postcards

Capturing the spirit of a vibrant city, sustainably.
FSC Certified
fully recycle paper
printed in the great britain

The essence of the dynamic city

Our founder, hailing from Hong Kong and well-aware of the growing community of Hong Kong immigrants in the UK, wanted to create a sustainable way for them to cherish memories of their vibrant hometown.

This leads to the birth of our collection of Hong Kong-themed postcards, celebrating the unique blend of tradition and modernity that defines Hong Kong.

Our sustainability promise

In line with this vision and our commitment to sustainability, our postcards are FSC certified and printed on fully recyclable paper by a sustainable printing company in Great Britain.

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have made the conscious decision not to offer online ordering and shipping for these postcards. Instead, we are actively seeking consignments with local art shops, museums, and cultural institutions that share our values and passion for both art and the environment.

By selling our postcards directly to customers through these establishments, we minimize our impact on the planet while also supporting the local arts community.


We'll share on our website and social media once we have partnered with any organisations!