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We believe in design solutions that inspire & connect people all around the world.

We are a design consultancy where art, digital innovation, and sustainability come together to forge a better tomorrow. So far, we're grateful to support over 90 brands across 12 countries.

By embracing cutting-edge techniques and artistic approaches, we ensure that every project we undertake is a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetic beauty, and environmental consciousness.

Join us on this journey as we positively impact and create experiences that resonate with everyone.
meet our founder

nicole fung

Nicole Fung, founder of Noran Design

Our founder: Nicole Fung (She/Her)

Nicole brings a unique blend of passion and experience to the creative process of Noran Design. As a full-time product manager at Expedia Group, she leads the User Experience Center of Excellence for Data and AI platforms, honing her skills in the cutting-edge world of technology.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Nicole is an avid nature explorer, art enthusiast, and passionate volunteer in the art and culture sector. Her travel blog, Noran Travel, documents her fascinating journeys through museums, galleries, and natural landscapes.

Nicole's commitment to education has led her to conduct design workshops at the University of Warwick for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as develop and tutor the "Design Operations (DesignOps) 101" course on Udemy. Her deep-rooted values in sustainability and accessibility have shaped the foundational principles of Noran Design, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to creating a better, more inclusive world.
meet aspiring talents
We believe in fostering the next generation of talent, and this section serves as a space for these rising stars to shine. Explore the creations and aspirations of these passionate individuals, and feel free to reach out to us or to them directly if you would like to hire them for your next project!

aiden lai

tech consultant

Aiden Lai (He / His)

Aiden is a driven cybersecurity expert presently employed as a Cyber Threat Analyst at NTT Data. Boasting extensive technical proficiency, he excels at enhancing organisational workflows through client engagements, robust database management, and secure computer network implementation.


angie ku


Angie Ku (She / Her)

Angie is a seasoned video producer who currently holds a full-time position at one of Hong Kong's top television stations. With a strong background in art direction and media production, her work is dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalised communities while fostering thoughtful discussions on topics such as life and death.


allie lai

Project manager

Allie Lai (She / Her)

Allie is a highly motivated and adaptable second-year student in BSc Biomedicine at UEA, with a passion in the medical-engineering field, data analysis, and healthcare project management. She’s currently representing her university as a NUS Delegate, voicing for over 7 million students across the United Kingdom.


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