Editorial Design

Bringing stories to life with compelling visuals and elegant layouts.

Our packages

Flexible packages based on your needs.

Digital Design

We transform your Word document into engaging publications

Layout design to deliver your messages clearly

Typography and imagery for visual impact

from £250

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Print Design

Everything from Digital Design

Digital proof preview before printing

Professional consultation on printing decisions such as printing textures and paper weights

Expert printing partnership with reputable printing companies to ensure a hassle-free experience for you (printing cost is not included)

from £450

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Pitch Deck Creation

This is for startups who are raising funds and seeking investment. Our professional VC consultation ensures your deck is not only visually appealing, but also communicates your brand strategically!

from £1,500

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Common queries answered.

I want a digital and physical version of the same material.

Not a problem at all! We'll produce both digital and physical versions by amending the RGB/CMYK and color profiles for your need.

What kind of editorial design you've done in the past?

We’ve supported organisations in creating pitch decks, white papers, lead magnets, books, art booklets, catalogues, menus, and more!

Is your print design environmentally friendly?

We partnered with a UK-based printing company to ensure the highest quality output while minimising the environmental impact. Our printing partner prints on environmentally certified and recycled papers from sustainable sources, with high-quality vegetable-based inks. They also recycle all of their waste products during the printing process!

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