ADHD Aware - Supporting ADHD adults, partners, and parents.

Project Goal

To enhance outreach through well-designed informational leaflets and provide reliable web hosting for their high-traffic website.

Web Hosting

Editorial Design

Brighton. UK


ADHD Aware advocates for ADHD adults, partners, and parents. They required effective communication tools and robust web hosting to reach and support their community effectively.


The key challenge was ensuring accessibility for individuals with ADHD, which meant creating clear, engaging, and easy-to-navigate designs for both the leaflets and the website.

Our Approach.

  • Editorial Design: We developed visually appealing and neatly laid out leaflets. These were designed to effectively communicate event information and services, while being accessible and engaging for people with ADHD.
  • Green Web Hosting: We provided a web hosting service capable of handling over 50,000 monthly visitors. Utilizing a renewable energy data center local to the UK, we ensured that the website was not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.


Our efforts resulted in: Accessible and engaging leaflets that effectively communicated ADHD Aware's events and services to the community. A robust and sustainable web hosting solution, ensuring a seamless online experience for a large number of visitors.


monthly visitors


accessible according to Google

We couldn't be more grateful for the work Nicole created for us. They are really professional and accessible for ourselves and our audiences with ADHD.

Linda Saltwell

Co-Chair of ADHD Aware

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