The Oneness Gallery — Sharing the concept of “oneness”.

The Oneness Gallery

The Oneness Gallery is an independent online gallery to share the concept of “oneness” through different forms of art.




London, UK

Project Goal.

Our primary goal was to create a comprehensive visual identity for The Oneness Gallery that would effectively convey the essence of "oneness" while showcasing the gallery's remarkable artwork. Through editorial design for the Royal Academy of Art (RA) magazine and website development, we aimed to elevate the gallery's online presence and deepen engagement with their audience.

What we did.

Editorial Design

Web Development


Translating the abstract concept of "oneness" into tangible visual elements presented a unique challenge. Additionally, we needed to ensure that our designs effectively communicated the deeper meaning behind each painting while maintaining the integrity of the artist's vision.

Our Apporach.

We immersed ourselves in their artistic vision, understanding the intricacies of their work. For the editorial design of the RA magazine, we employed a minimalist yet impactful approach, seamlessly integrating the gallery's paintings with insightful commentary on the concept of "oneness."

For website development, we prioritized intuitive navigation and immersive storytelling. Leveraging modern design techniques and interactive elements, we crafted a visually stunning online platform that invited visitors to explore the concept of "oneness" through a curated collection of artwork.


Our collaboration with The Oneness Gallery had a profound impact, sparking meaningful conversations and reflections on the nature of existence. Additionally, by partnering with Charity Water, The Oneness Gallery allocates a portion of its profits to support initiatives providing clean water to those in need. Through our efforts, we not only amplified the gallery's message but also contributed to social impact initiatives, fostering unity and interconnectedness on a global scale.

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Carmen Chan

Director of The Oneness Gallery

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